Monster – an ideal destination for fishing

     Monster Lake locates behind of the boundless green pine forest on the way to Dalat Golden Stream, surrounded by greenhouses with diverse, colourful flowers of Van Thanh flower traditional village. Around lake, there are many green trees growing fast and spread shadow. Go fishing in the Monsters lake gives interesting moments not only because of the names: “Monster”, but also due to mischievous laws and even the boss‘s freakish styles.

     Travelling Dalat will be a big mistake if you don’t go fishing at Monster Lake, it is a refined pleasure of travellers when visiting Dalat -poetry city..

     The signpost make by wood next to stones easily falling into oblivion but traveller fret with an obsessive longing as the poem:


“One frets intensively with an obsessive longing for one's sweetheart,
It is like sitting on thorns, being on pins and needles”.

Going through the pine forest with the sparking leaves, the leaflets of Lien Minh Group create the feeling of … losing the way. The gate into this lake as a sincere welcome encourages you discovering the freakish style here.


Monster Lake is an ideal of young boss of Lien Minh Group for relaxing, entertaining after hard working with the number, events. The investors and entrepreneurs has invited by the young bosses to immerse themselves in a desolate and wild nature and romantic atmosphere. Together fishing, flower blossom viewing, camping under the green tree branches, enjoying simple foods: rice, vegetable, soup…it is the simple, natural style of this kind of entertainment that attracted more fishers from any age and any gender.

Nowadays, Monster Lake divides into three lakes with different sizes. All of them also nestle among pine valleys which simple huts make by leaves and grass. This feeling take you be closed to nature, come back you into the wonderful childhood. You can find yourselves, your spirit after long hard working day.

“Monsters” are the big fishes weighing 8 kg, living 10-20 years and reaching 35 kg. In general, they have caught in a large area from ten to hundreds of hectares and has a depth up to ten meters. Monster Lake was released, raising a lot of fishes caught from rivers and lakes in and outside the province as Tuyen Lam Lake, Victory Lake, Dankia Golden Stream, Dong Nai River. These things show that Da Lat is the city of slopes and refined pleasures.

To protect the number of big fishes serving for the need of consumers, officers, investors, Monster Lake just allows that fishers could take the fishes weighting under 5 kg to their home.

On Sunday and festival, more people visit Monster Lake than usual. As the dating, the director of Lien Minh Group to be here to chalk, talk, play in fun with travellers. He is ready to put his foot into the lake and take part in the activities of catching fish.

Poem scenery easily makes people forget the financial report on the business market. If not stopping to breathe to see the moving of pot-boiler, eager to shout from joy when the fishes get caught, you can walk on trip around the rose glorious gardens. Sometimes, joking the mischievous monkeys on the tree’s branches, leisurely seeing lazy pythons ling on the ground. People here are not hurry; they move slowly to read the poem or simply let your spirit appeal to the song of the cheerful birds, admire the pine forest as the hero to protect the peace, freakish space at Monster Lake.